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Sealing Machine Safety Operation Regulations

Sealing machine safety operation regulations

1. Before the machine operator starts up, the lubrication points of the can-sealing machine are pressed into the grease with artificial oil guns, or lubricated manually.
2. Turn the handwheel by hand before production. When turning, press the arrow mark of the wheel to check.
Whether the tank inlet, lower cover, turntable and machine head are complete and normal. Inspection of the entire machine
Whether the system works normally, check whether the electrical equipment is sensitive, and fill the lubrication part as required
Enough grease. The lubricating oil filled in the tank feeder rotor should be food-grade lubricating oil.
3. After checking that all parts are normal, after starting the motor, you must still use the intermittent connection mode.
The clutch was turned by hand to make the whole machine run briefly, and then idling for a while. Review the whole machine operation
The situation, after fully normal, ready to start driving.
4. The can sealing machine should be operated for about 10mins before the can sealing, so that the can sealing machine can work more

5. The operator should make sure to work on the machine and not leave the machine at will.
6. During the operation, the machine operator should visually check the appearance quality of the canned cans once every half an hour, and check whether the appearance of the canned food has fast mouth or sharp edges, teeth, cracks, false seals, or drooping lips, etc .; inspection Whether crimp cracking occurs and whether the slip seal is obvious. Check whether the color printing paint on the outer wall of the can is scratched or scratched. If any defects are found, the machine shall be shut down in time and the on-duty can sealing machine maintenance staff shall be contacted to repair the can sealing machine.
7, after the production of canned food on duty, the power switch of the canning machine should be turned off, and the vacuum system should be turned off.
Rinse and clean the can sealer.

Post time: 2020-03-30