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Functional Advantages And Uses Of Double-sided Labeling Machine

Double-sided labeling machines are widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, metals, plastics, printing and other industries; the basic realization of aircraft, on the side surface of the product, a wide square on the surface. The position accuracy of the connection is good, the quality is high, and the stability is high; preventing artificial effects: improving product labeling, labeling, and filming efficiency. Membrane efficiency is low. Blistering and wrinkling, the stickers are crooked. Wait for a series of irregular pasting problems; reduce product interest and improve product.

The function of double-sided labeling machine is relatively more powerful. It is realized on the plane of the product end, the side circumference, width, and different users on the surface. Not only can the use efficiency of product labels be improved, but also manual labeling can be avoided, which can effectively reduce product costs, improve the appearance of product logos, and increase product competitiveness.

The main material of the double-sided labeling machine is stainless steel and high alloy. The company's overall structure, you can click production, can also be with the production line, there is no logo, there is no standard automatic calibration and automatic detection functions, in addition to the above, also uses electrical The sensor of the control system is standard PLC touch screen and standard, which is more convenient to use and more convenient to operate and maintain.

In addition to the above advantages, the double-sided labeling machine also has a fault alarm function and a production counting function. Set the power saving function, protection function.

Post time: 2020-01-15