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    High Quality

    All parts of the machine are used high quality material,imported accessories,ensure the long time working.

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    Reasonable Structure

    The machine body is in reasonable structure,appearance is beautiful and save space.

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    Auto Working Mode

    Can work automatically,reduce working error,and improve working efficiency.

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    Simple Operation

    With Intelligent operation panel,easy to operate and control working data,suitable for most of novice.

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  • Over 15 Years Of Experience

    Our ma'aikata yana da fiye da 15 kwarewar shekaru da yawancin samfuranmu sun wuce takardar shaidar CE. Kamfaninmu na musamman ne wajen samar da injunan shiryawa, kamar injin cikawa, capping machine etc.

  • With have rich experience in OEM service

    We make manual machine, semi-automatic machine and full-automatic machine. You will always find one from us to meet your budget and production capacity.

  • We have a strong team to support

    We will guide customers how to install or repair machines. Most of our customers are quite satisfied with us. It is a great affirmation for our work.

Our Blog

  • Sealing Machine Safety Operation Regulations

    Sealing machine safety operation regulations 1. Before the machine operator starts up, the lubrication points of the can-sealing machine are pressed into the grease with artificial oil guns, or lubricated manually. 2. Turn the handwheel by hand before production. When turning, press the arrow mark of the wheel to check. Whether the tank inlet, lower cover, turntable and machine head…

  • Functional Advantages And Uses Of Double-sided Labeling Machine

    Double-sided labeling machines are widely used in food, toys, daily chemicals, electronics, medicine, metals, plastics, printing and other industries; the basic realization of aircraft, on the side surface of the product, a wide square on the surface. The position accuracy of the connection is good, the quality is high, and the stability is high; preventing artificial effects: improving product labeling,

  • Kariya Da Kula da Injin Cikowa

    Filling machines are mainly a small class of products in packaging machinery. Daga mahangar kayan tattarawa, ana iya raba su zuwa injin cika ruwa, manna kayan cikawa, injin cika foda, da injunan ciko granular; An raba shi zuwa injina mai cike da atomatik da layin samarwa na atomatik. The use and maintenance details of the automatic filling machine are as…

  • Various Types Of Active Label Labeling Machines

    There are many types of automatic label labeling machines with different functions, but the basic principles are similar. The drawing is the schematic diagram of the flat labeling machine, which shows the labeling process of flat objects: a roll of label is placed on the unwinding roller of the labeling machine. A set of rollers makes the label, Stop and…

  • Handling Method Of Large Labeling Accuracy Error Of Plane Labeling Machine

    Regardless of any product, after using it for a period of time, some such failures or problems may occasionally occur, just like the human body. The following solutions and steps are proposed to solve the problem of inaccurate labeling of flat labelers. We should start with some agencies on the labeling machine to detect and find problems one by one.…

  • The Development Prospect Of Filling Machine

    The rapid development of China's beverage, dairy and beer markets has also driven the development of the packaging machinery industry. Since the 1980s, China has imported a large amount of beverage, dairy and beer packaging machinery every year, and the momentum of imports is still increasing. Most of these machines are high-speed automated production lines with strong reliability and high…